565L Big 2 Inverter Series Refrigerator



  • Inverter Compressor & Control System
  • Dual Fan Cooling Technology
  • Front Jet Door Cooling
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Minus Zero Cooling
  • Eco Thermo Sensor & Electronic Control
  • Selectable Mode Compartment
  • Nano Titanium Filter
  • Fully Protected Tempered Glass Shelves
  • Movable Twist Ice Tray
  • 4.5 Star Energy Rating
  • 314kWH Energy Usage
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INVERTER x Dual Fan Cooling

In Hitachi’s new cooling system, the inverter compressor adjusts cooling power over a wide range changing the amount of chilled air generated inside as required. The two dedicated fans of Dual Fan Cooling then delivers the chilled air to each of the compartments.

Compact but High Power Inverter Compressor

The high-precision, high-durability inverter compressor finely adjusts cooling power over a wide range from high to low. Unlike a conventional compressor that cools only by switching on or off of a fixed power, the inverter compressor is capable of providing exceptionally powerful cooling by generating a large volume of chilled air, while also providing efficient low power cooling. Depending on conditions inside and outside the refrigerator detected by Eco Thermo Sensor and with microcomputer control, it provides optimum cooling power at all times.

Dual Fan Cooling - Dedicated Fans for Each of the Compartments

Two dedicated fans, one for the refrigerator compartment, the other for the freezer, independently cool each of the compartments. So according to conditions, chilled air can be delivered only to the refrigerator compartment, only to the freezer or to both, which is impossible with conventional refrigerators that have only one fan. What’s more, the fans adjust airflow to provide even more powerful and efficient cooling when required.

Thorough Cooling even at 60°C

High power from the inverter compressor generates a large volume of chilled air, and Dual Fan Cooling delivers all of this to the compartments for powerful cooling. So even if the ambient temperature reaches as high as 60°C, every corner inside the refrigerator is still thoroughly cooled.

Front Air Flow

The refrigerator compartment also features Front Air Flow that sends chilled air directly to the door pocket to rapidly cool bottles. It also ensures a uniform temperature inside the refrigerator.

Quiet Operation

Operation switching to a lower setting and minimal compressor on/off switching let you enjoy a quiet peaceful living environment. The compressor’s high precision further ensures smooth on/off switching with reduced noise.

World Leader in Energy Saving

Combining the two highly energy-efficient technologies of the inverter compressor controlling the cooling power and the Dual Fan Cooling controlling how much and to which compartment chilled air is delivered, this new cooling system assures even more efficient operation with no wasted energy. As a result, it has acquired top class energy saving ratings worldwide.

R-600a Eco-Friendly Refrigerant

Hitachi’s inverter compressor uses the refrigerant R-600a. It’s free of CFCs, so it has an ozone depletion potential of zero, and free of HFCs, so it also has an extremely low global warming potential 1/400 that of conventional refrigerants. The other good news is that as well as being eco-friendly, it provides high cooling efficiency and helps to save energy.

Big, Moisture-Guard Vegetable Compartment

The vegetable compartment also offers ultra large storage capacity. It’s wide, deep and goes back a long way, ready for big fruits and vegetables. The movable seperator enables easy, neat storage.

Optimum High Humidity with the Moisture Guard

The moisture guard on the top of the vegetable compartment ensures indirect cooling to maintain the optimum moisture level. This prevents moisture escaping from vegetables so they retain their freshness.

Double Deck Vegetable Storage

Select the Vegetable mode of the selectable mode compartment, and it becomes a second storage area for vegetables, adding an extra 31L of space. This is ideal when you have a lot of fruits and vegetables and want to store items by size.

Selectable Mode Compartment Flexible Layout for even more convenience

The Select Levers provide an easy way to switch between the Dairy/Meat and Vegetable modes. Located on both sides, the levers let you seperately adjust the temperature in each side of the compartment. And you can move the seperator to change the size left/right area for extra layout flexibility.

LED Control Panel with Cool Power Display

Located in a clearly visible position, the Front LED Panel enables easy temperature setting and modes. Cooling power indications are also provided for at-a-glance confirmation.

Bright, Energy Saving LED Light

Both compartments feature LED lighting that lasts a long time but consumes less energy of a conventional lighting.

Hitachi’s Real Nanotechnology

The Nano Titanium Filter features cutting edge technology that uses minute particles of TiO2 catalyst to firmly catch bacteria and odors.

Eliminates 99% of Bacteria


194 L
Ice Compartment
371 L
565 L


855 mm
1760 mm
745 mm (without handle)
770 mm (with handle)

Cooling System

Dual Fan Cooling
No Frost
Inverter Compressor

Key Features

Electronic Control
Eco Thermo-Sensor
Cool Power Display
Nano Titanium Filer
Mould Proof Door Gasket


Selectable Mode Compartment
Jumbo Door Pocket
Tempered Glass Shelves
Full Width Shelves
LED Light
Egg Tray


Big, Moisture Guard


Front Jet Freezing
Movable Twist Tray
Quick Freezing
Tempered Glass Shelf
LED Light
Freezer Lamp